Invitation letter for the international conference “Innovative Ideas in Science 2023”

Independent University Banja Luka

Technical University of Cluj Napoca, North University Center of Baia Mare Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computers

University of Applied Sciences Kempten


Dear colleagues and friends,

Independent University Banja Luka, Technical University of Cluj Napoca, North University Center of Baia Mare and University of Applied Sciences Kempten, have the pleasure and honor to invite you to the International Conference INNOVATIVE IDEAS IN SCIENCE – IIS2023, which will take place in Banja Luka on 21-22th September 2023, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The conference aims to provide an opportunity for academics, researchers and other participants, to debate new achievements or concepts, maintain direct contact among professionals, opening and developing new research directions, approaches and innovative practices within the continually progressing world.

The conference proposes to unite different fields of science under the idea of developing works and future interdisciplinary projects. We wish to identify the possibility of creating some research consortia for the dissemination of valuable research results to tackle projects and participate in European research programs.

Authors from universities and research institutes, as well as from the fields of industry, are invited to submit papers on the following suggested areas:


Electrical Engineering

Applied Mathematics

Computer Engineering

Fundamental Sciences

Industrial Applications

Mechanical Engineering

Materials Sciences

Power Engineering


• 15 August 2023 – submission of an abstract

• 20 August 2023 – notification of acceptance

• 15 September 2023 – submission of full papers


• Official languages of the conference: English.

• The abstracts will be sent via email to the workshop secretariat. The template of the abstract is on the workshop website.

• Paper submission details and the author kit are available on the conference website

• We will organize a Video-conference session for registered speakers who do not have the possibility to travel to the conference location.

• Following a review process, the papers accepted and presented in IIS2023 will be published in a BDI Journal.

Any additional information regarding the conference can be found on the websites

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact the email address: ; (;

We are looking forward to seeing you at our conferences.

Please feel free to forward this invitation letter to other colleagues. Thank you!

Organizing Committee of the IIS2023 Conference