Independent University Banja Luka was founded in 2005 as a higher education institution named Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, and in 2007 it is expanded and registered in the University. There are six organizational units within the University: Faculty of Political Science, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Informatics, Faculty of Ecology, Faculty of Security and Protection and Faculty of Fine Arts.
            The aims and principles of education at NUBL are the realization, improvement and development of knowledge, science and culture, development of international cooperation in acquiring and improving scientific knowledge.
            The special quality of the modern concept of undergraduate education at NUBL is based on mandatory principles on the establishment of a single European Higher Education Area established in the declarations from Bologna and Lisbon. The structure of the three-year program leading to a university degree is fully consistent with the trend of reforms in the process of acquiring higher education titles in Europe within the Bologna Process. This structure should allow our students to compare their qualifications with similar higher education institutions.
            Knowledge has become the most important resource of economic life. Primat in business success does not allow either natural resources, modern machines, even financial capital. The role of NUBL is to develop the creativity of students, to educate them in experts capable of solving specific problems, because in our system the values ​​of people are in the first place, primarily our students. Because of them and their future we are here.
            The knowledge they need to transfer requires top professors, lecturers and associates. The University takes care of the selection, professional development and improvement of each employee. Teaching is supported with state-of-the-art information and audio-visual technology, which makes it easier for students to accept new knowledge, but also to teach lecturers. Our business partners from the environment play an important role in the process of development of future employees – practitioners are the most successful experts and permanent guest lecturers at our university. Students have the opportunity to acquire and verify their knowledge through practical examples. Therefore, if one word is necessary to show the essence of our work, then it is the development of knowledge, relationships, people.
              From there comes the mission of NUBL:
             By linking science and research work, artistic creativity, education, science, profession and art, through the realization of existing and new study programs, students should be trained to do business in a globally and technologically highly developed environment, requiring constant acquisition and development of new knowledge, initiative and innovation, entrepreneurial ability, ability to make decisions in a lack of time, ability to work in conditions of diversity, in order to achieve individual, university and social interests.
              The strategic goal of scientific and research work is to strengthen the role of the University at the national and international level by raising the quality of research, participating in significant national and international scientific research and research and development projects, and achieving the scientific excellence, recognition and recognition of the University and its faculties.
              Since no country is rich enough to develop all research areas with the same intensity, it is natural to stimulate those researchers and research groups that have already shown excellence in their work, as well as areas of interest for the Republic of Srpska and BiH, but also to especially encouraged and stimulated by young researchers and scientists. It implies that everyone should be provided with initial support in order to create the basic prerequisites for further development.
              The total number of students who studied or is currently studying is around 2000, first at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, and then at the University. So far, around 1200 students graduated from all faculties at the University. In addition to graduate students of the undergraduate study, at the second cycle of studies, about 50 students received their master’s degree. About 70% of them are employed, and part of the students continued their studies at the master’s degree in domestic and foreign faculties. The first job after completing one of our faculties was found by about 400 graduates.

            Transition per faculty ranges from 80% to 94%.

            The Independent University is a signatory to the cooperation agreement with numerous higher education institutions with the basic goal of ensuring the dissemination and exchange of educational and scientific experience, with the emphasis on further development and improvement of knowledge and acquisition of skills of students and teaching staff in order to enable the successful management of the process of higher education reforms and the integration of these higher education institutions into the European education system.

Independent University of Banja Luka has confirmed the quality standard of work by the Decision on Accreditation, issued by the Agency for Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions of the RS.