The Institute for the Scientific Research is an organizational unit within the Independent University Banja Luka, which carries out activities of scientific – research work in accordance with the law, Statute and other general acts of the University.
The primary mission of the Institute is independent scientific work and scientific research in support to the faculties as existing organizational units within the University. The aim of the Institute is to research social and natural phenomena, pointing out the problems and propose solutions to overcome them. The Institute has signed cooperation agreements with many institutes, higher education institutions and enterprises in the region and abroad, with the aim of exchanging information and research results, acceptance and dissemination of good practice in the field of scientific research and action.
The results of the Institute are visible through participation in numerous activities and projects of international importance. Institute is headed by the head manager of the Institute The experience and the academic status of the former head manager of the Institute, shows the seriousness and commitment to research and scientific work, especially in those areas that are
academically performed at the faculties of the University. The first head manager of the Institute, PhD Jugoslav Jovicic, before the position of headmanager of the Institute held many important and responsible positions and jobs.

Beside lecturing experience, Professor Jovicic has held other important tasks, and among other things he was Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Advisor to the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Srpska, Director of the Regional Development Agency for Northwest BiH, Ambassador of BiH in Switzerland, Minister Counselor at BH mission to the European Union, Deputy Minister with the foreign economic relations in the Government of RS, worked as an inspector in exchange dedviznom Inspectorate of RS, and the first job was clerk in exports at institute “Kosmos”. He has published many scientific papers and participated in numerous international conferences.
The current director of the Institute, PhD. Mirjana Stojanović- Trivanović also has extensive work experience, the past work experience at univerities as a lecturer in the economics departments in the Republic of Srpska, has experience in international financial institutions. The most important jobs and positions are: Director of finance of corporate and public clients,
and Director of Credit Risk Management in Hypo bank AD Banjaluka, Executive Director of the Balkan Investment Bank AD, Banja Luka, Deputy Minister for Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of Srpska, Director of the Office of International finance Corporation (World Bank) for the Republic of Srpska, Director of Investment Guarantee Agency of the Republic of Srpska, Director of the Department for payment transactions in the Banja Luka bank AD Banjaluka, and the manager and clerk in the Department of export- import epartment in electromechanical company Rudi Čajvec in Banjaluka. She is authoro notable scientific papers and participated in numerous international symposia and