1. Pursuant to the Decision of the Senate of the Independent University of Banja Luka, number: 71-7-278-6 / 17 of 25.10.2017. year, a public competition for enrollment of students for the first year of studies of the third cycle in the study program Economy – Modules:

– Business economics and management;
– Finance, banking and insurance;
– International economy.
2. In the first year of the third cycle of studies, a person who has:

– completed the first and second cycle of studies or an integrated study, as determined by the third cycle study program, with a total of at least 300
ECTS points, or

– a person who has been evaluated according to the Rules on the procedure for evaluating previously acquired academic titles for the continuation
at the University, in the field of education:

• 3 Social sciences, business and administration and law;

and the field of education:

• 31 Social Sciences, with at least 300 ECTS points.

3. The ranking list for enrollment of candidates for the first year of the third cycle study is determined by a special Commission appointed by the Senate of the University.

The commission from the previous paragraph performs the ranking of the candidate based on the average achieved grades in the first and second cycle of studies, the length of study, the achieved scientific results, the achieved results in real practice, and other conditions determined by the study program of the third cycle of studies, the Rules of study and the Rules of Doctoral Studies .

When enrolling candidates who have not completed first and second cycle studies or an integrated study in the field and field of education referred to in point 2. of the competition, the Commission determines, in accordance with the Study Program and the Doctoral Studies Ordinance, a number of exams in the field of education and field of education differential exams) to which the study program of the third cycle of study belongs.

4. The number of candidates admitted to the first year of studies is 15.

5. The competition remains open until the place is filled.

6. Applicants with the evidence on the fulfillment of the conditions of the competition are obliged to:

Independent University Banja Luka, Ulica Veljka Mlađenovića 12E

78 000 Banja Luka

or deliver directly to the student service.


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