Within the study program, the necessary knowledge and skills necessary for acquiring the exit profile are graduated economists, and through the introduction of an appropriate number of elective subjects (especially in the fourth year of study), studies in this program gain some flexibility from which the possibility of certain directions arises: business economics, management and marketing, tourism, finance, banking and insurance, accounting and auditing.

The purpose is to create competent profiles for the labor market, profiles for which suitable jobs would be found relatively quickly (in state and city administration bodies, banks, accounting firms, stock exchanges, insurance companies, economic institutes, etc.).



By linking scientific research, artistic creativity, education, science, profession and art, do the
implementation of existing and new study programs and train students to perform duties in a
global and technologically highly developed environment, which require continuous
acquisition and development of new knowledge, initiative and innovation, entrepreneurial
ability, ability to make decisions in the absence of time, ability to work in terms of diversity,
in order to achieve individual, university and social interests.


Starting from the good experiences of advanced, socially, economically and technologically
developed countries,
Taking into account the achieved democratic values, socio – economic and particulary
educational systems in national, European and wider environment,
Understanding current processes of globalization and internationalization in all segments of
Aware of daily changes and the need to create new views on the necessary knowledge to solve
increasingly complex social, economic, political, technological, ecological and other
We are determined to:
Scientific – educational process and education which will in the future create new educated
experts in various multidisciplinary areas.
Through education using modern educational – scientific methods, with the student as an
active participant in all aspects and forms of scientific – teaching and educational activities,
applying the key principles of the "Bologna reform" of European higher education, with all
participants in the process develop new skills and creative abilities which will be used
successfully to solve the accumulated problems of social and economic development.
In the medium term become a member of the group of leaders of higher education in the


Permanent improvement of the quality of higher education;
Increasing the efficiency of studying
Development of key competencies of participants in the educational process;
Improving curricula and adjusting the actual needs of the economy and society;
Harmonization of education with labor market needs;
Improving scientific – research and artistic work;
Permanent modernization and computerization of the educational process;
Affirming the principle of lifelong learning;
Development and introduction of a higher education learning;
Permanent contribute to the development of the local and wider communities.

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